A Story about „weak-sightedness“– What happens if a mole tries to search for Easter eggs

Today we have a little Easter story about the topic „Weak-sightedness“. Have fun reading!

It`s only a few days before Easter and the Easter rabbit is worked out. “This has been the last Easter egg. I’m finished. The days before Easter are always the most stressful,” sighs the Easter rabbit. Someone is knocking at the door. “Come in” calls the rabbit. “Hi, how are you? Have you already finished painting the eggs? Everyone is looking for forward to the Easter egg hunt!” says the mole. “I just finished the last egg,” replies the Easter rabbit. “The others have come up with a plan how the Easter egg hunt will make even more fun: They want to make up a competition on who finds the most Easter eggs,” the mole tells. The rabbit tries to persuade the mole: “Sounds fun. Why don’t you take part in the competition?” “Well I’m not really into such things. But maybe I will try it,” answers the mole.

On Easter morning everyone is full of expectation. Everywhere are animals running and hunting for Easter eggs. The mole looks indecisive. It walks a few steps in every direction and tries to find some Easter eggs.

At the evening everyone comes together and all are proud about how much Easter eggs they have found. The mole stays slightly away from the crowd and doesn’t want to talk to others. Then, the Easter rabbit asks the mole: „Had you fun on your Easter egg hunt? How much eggs have you gotten?” The mole doesn’t answer and tries to hide his basket behind his back. “What’s up? Why do you look so sad?” asks the Easter rabbit. So, the mole shows the rabbit its basket. It’s totally empty. The mole stammers:” I don’t see very well, you know. I couldn’t find a single Easter egg” “Then this Easter egg is yours,” decides the Easter rabbit and hands an egg over to the mole. “It should have been the prize for the ones who have won the competition since it’s the most beautiful Easter egg of the year. But you deserve it the most,” explains the Easter rabbit. ”But until next Easter you definitely need to do something about your bad eye-sight,” means the Easter rabbit.


Weak-sightedness can stand in your way on many occasions. Take your child to an early eye care – the sooner vision disorders are detected, the better they can be treated!

The whole Plusoptix-Team wishes you happy Easter!

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