– English version – A little Christmas story about the topic „Weak-sightedness“: Three friends baking cookies

Today we have a little Christmas story about the topic „Weak-sightedness“. Have fun reading! Dies ist die englische Version – Für die deutsche Version einfach runterscrollen.

Mole, mouse and groundhog meet for cookie baking. It’s only a few days before Christmas. Outside, it is bitterly cold and small snowflakes trickle against the window. But in the mouse nest it is cozy and warm. „You haven’t decorated your Christmas tree yet!“, the marmot says and points to the bare tree in the living room. „I can not find my Christmas decoration,“ the mouse explains sadly, „I am not in Christmas mood yet. That’s why I’m looking forward to bake cookies with you! “

christmas-gingerbreadThe three little friends are going to the kitchen. The friends eagerly put the baking ingredients into a large bowl. „Mole, could you please get the sugar bowl? It’s on the shelf. Please add three spoons full of sugar“, the mouse asks the mole. The mole sees two bowls standing side by side on the shelf. Something is written on each bowl. The mole pinches his eyes and reaches for the left can. It puts three spoons into the bowl, and all three knead the dough to finally prick cookies. Finally, the marmot pushes the tin into the oven. Afterwards, they are sitting in the kitchen, waiting for the cookies to be ready. „Hey friends, they are ready!“, the mouse shouts out and takes the tin out of the oven.

Cookie fragrance spreads throughout the kitchen. „Let’s try them!“, suggests the groundhog. All three bite off their cookies. The mouse makes a face. „They taste awful!“ the groundhog  shouts horrified. „But we did everything exactly as it is explained in the recipe!“, says the mole. „The cookies somehow taste salty,“ says the mouse. „But I’ve added three big spoons of sugar into the bowl! Look, the can is almost empty now because I put so much into the bowl, „the mole replies, showing the bowl to the others. „But mole, that’s the bowl with the salt! How could you mix those two cans up? The content is written on both bowls! „, the marmot answers annoyed. „Oh no! I’m so sorry, but I was not able to read the script. I think I have a really poor vision!, „the mole apologizes sadly. „Now I have spoiled the whole Christmas mood.“
„And what are we going to do now with all the cookies?“, sighs the mouse. „I have an idea!“ shouts the groundhog. „You have no Christmas decorations. Why don’t we just hang  them on the Christmas tree?“ The three friends are thrilled. They tinker and decorate their Christmas tree for hours, and late in the evening they are sitting happily in front of it. „Our Christmas tree really is the most beautiful Christmas tree ever!“, the mouse says proudly, „Now it’s time for Christmas Eve – but you, dear Mole, you definitely have to go to eye care! “

So after all, the cookies have been a success.



A weak-sightedness can stand in one’s way in really many situations. And unfortunately, not all problems can be solved as easily as it was the case with our three little friends. Take your child to an early eye care – the earlier a visual disorder is detected, the better it can be treated.

The whole team of Plusoptix wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!


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